Around The World With 'Animal' Star Tripti Dimri

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Meet The Actress

Tripti Dimri, Indian actress, gained fame for "Poster Boys" and "Laila Majnu." Acclaimed for "Bulbbul" and "Qala," she won a Filmfare OTT Award and was featured in Forbes Asia's "30 Under 30" in 2021.

Tripti Dimri | tripti_dimri/instagram

Major Works

Though all her films are equally enjoyable, "Bulbbul" and "Qala" took the nation in awe in particular. Dimri delivered extraordinary performances in both films that went on to be great hits with major viral songs.

Tritpti Dimri in "Qala" | tripti_dimri/instagram

The National Crush

With her recent release, "Animal," Dimri has not just managed to turn heads but is being dubbed as the "national crush." The film has been breaking box office records ever since it hit the big screens. Here we take you on a trip around the world with Dimri.

Dimri from a recent photograph | tripti_dimri/instagram


Apart from being an actor, singer, and director, Dimri is also an avid traveller. On a trip taken earlier, she is seen enjoying the blue and white structures of Santorini in Greece. The place is a natural wonder with white-washed houses and blue-domed churches.

Tripti in Greece | tripti_dimri/instagram


In one of her travels, Dimri is seen relaxing at a resort's lakeside in Ubud, Indonesia, set amid jungle ravines and rolling emerald foothills. Many Hindu pilgrim sites exist here such as the Tirta Empul Temple, Pura Taman Saraswati Temple, and Goa Gajah.

Tripti in Indonesia | tripti_dimri/instagram


As a traveller, this picture gives us reason to believe that Dimri is of an adventurous bend. Here, she is seen immersed in the Triund trek of Himachal Pradesh. The trek goes from McLeodganj to Dharamshala and is 7,700 ft above sea level.

Tripti in Triund | tripti_dimri/instagram

Bir Billing

Yet again in the adventurous terrain of Himachal, Dimri is seen enjoying the lush landscapes of the "Paragliding Capital of India," Bir Billing. Here, the landing area is 4,350 ft above sea level, and the take-off point is 8,020 ft above sea level.

Tripti at Bir Billing | tripti_dimri/instagram


An avid enjoyer of adventures, here Dimri is seen enjoying snow activities in the beautiful city of Gulmarg in Kashmir. The place is also famous for its cable cars, mountains, and gardens.

Tripti in Kashmir | tripti_dimri/instagram

Vlorë County

With a respite from adventures and mountains, here Dimri is observed enjoying the exotic beaches and crystal clear waters in Dhërmi, Albania. The place is famous for its medieval castles, exotic beaches, and Ottoman architecture, and it is the birthplace of Mother Teresa.

Tripti in Albania | tripti_dimri/instagram


Out here, Dimri is seen enjoying the greener, more lush areas of the "Banking City of the World," Zurich. The place is famous for its museums, forts, castles, and attractions like Niederdorf, Fraumünster Church, Lake Zürich, and Zürichberg.

Tripti in Zurich | tripti_dimri/instagram

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