Best Noodle Dishes From Around The World You Must Try

Shreya Cheema

Pho, Vietnam

Phở is Vietnam's version of Ramen but with flat noodles and a broth that varies by region. The Vietnamese eat Phở throughout the day, with popular versions being Phở Bo (beef) and Phở Ga (chicken).

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Fideuà, Spain

Fideuà is a traditional noodle dish from Spain. It's prepared by simmering short, golden noodles in a rich broth flavoured with fresh fish and seafood from Costa Brava. Locals add aioli for extra flavour.

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Japchae, Korea

Japchae is a unique Korean noodle dish made with sweet potato flour-based dangmyeon noodles. Originally a noodle-free dish for royalty, it became popular in the 20th century.

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Chau Chau Chatpate, Nepal

Chau chau chatpate is a popular Nepali recipe and a staple amongst the young college students. Uncooked Wai Wai noodles are flavoured with onion, coriander and spices.

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Khao Soi, Thailand

Khao Soi is a spicy Northern Thai noodle soup, especially in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, with Burmese roots. It features fresh and fried egg noodles, curry, and coconut milk, with chicken as the main protein.

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Lanzhou Noodle Soup, China

Chinese noodle makers in Lanzhou pull and manipulate dough into silky strands for a heavenly bowl of soup.

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Mee Rebus, Malaysia

Mee Rebus is a Malay noodle dish, also popular in Indonesia and Singapore. Yellow egg noodles are submerged in a rich sauce, including shrimp, shallots, spices, herbs, and mashed potatoes.

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Putu Mayam, Tamil Nadu, India

The dish consists of rice or idiyappam flour noodles, steamed in a traditional rattan basket, then topped with desiccated coconut and sweetened with sugar. It is traditionally served on a banana leaf.

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Ramen, Japan

Ramen originated from China's wheat Lamien noodles but has become popular worldwide thanks to Japan's contribution. It offers a variety of broth options, including tonkatsu, shoyu, shio, and miso.

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