10 Places To Visit In Chennai If You Are A Foodie

Nidhi Kadere

Marina Beach Food Stalls

Enjoy the views of the Bay of Bengal while sampling some of the best street food in Chennai, such as crispy vadas, tangy bhel puri, and the iconic Madras fish fry.

Fish stall at Marina Beach | foodtastingmission/Instagram


Experience the traditional charm of this neighbourhood and indulge in authentic South Indian delicacies like idli, dosa, halwa and filter coffee. Don’t miss the famous Saravana Bhavan for vegetarian fare.

Almond halwa on the streets of Mylapore | foodozers/Instagram

Triplicane Biryani

Savour the fragrant and flavorful biryani, a rice dish cooked with spices and meat or vegetables, at one of the popular restaurants in Triplicane, such as Buhari Hotel or Chennai Rawther Thalappakattu Biryani.

Triplicane Biryani | foodtastingmission/Instagram

Parry's Corner

Explore the bustling commercial district and try the legendary kothu parotta, a scrumptious dish made with shredded parotta, spices, and vegetables, served with a side of spicy gravy.

kothu parotta with gravy and raita | Shutterstock


Discover the influence of North Indian cuisine on Chennai’s food scene and relish the chaats, samosas, jalebis, and other snacks at the numerous stalls and shops in Sowcarpet.

Sweet dish at Sowcarpet | therealchennaifood/Instagram

Besant Nagar

Relax at the beach and enjoy the fresh seafood, such as prawns, crabs, and fish, cooked in various styles, such as Andhra, Kerala, or Chettinad.

Besant Nagar | nayanika.nayani/Instagram

T Nagar

Treat yourself to a lavish Tamil thali, a platter of rice and various dishes, such as sambar, rasam, curd, and vegetables, served on a banana leaf, at Junior Kuppanna or Anjappar.

mutton at T Nagar | sappattukkadai/Instagram

Anna Nagar

Experience the diversity of Chennai’s food culture and try cuisines from different regions and countries, such as Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mexican, and more, at the many restaurants and cafes in Anna Nagar.

Madro Cafe, Anna Nagar | vascodahema/Instagram


Taste the delicious and spicy Chettinad cuisine, which originates from a region in Tamil Nadu known for its use of pepper, coconut, and tamarind, at restaurants like Anjappar or Karaikudi.

A Chettinad thali | Shutterstock.com


Satisfy your sweet tooth and sample the traditional sweets and desserts of Chennai, such as halwa, mysore pak, payasam, and more, at the famous Adyar Ananda Bhavan or Grand Sweets and Snacks.

mysore pak | food_gasmicc/Instagram

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