10 Types Of Pakoda To Enjoy This Monsoon

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Mirchi Pakoda

Originating from Rajasthan, Mirchi Pakoda adds just the right kick of spice on a rainy day. The long, green chilli is stuffed with a motley of spices, gram flour, and then deep fried till golden and crispy.

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Ram Laddoos

A popular street food in Delhi, Ram Laddoos are fried spherical delights made with ground moong dal, topped with a generous serving of tamarind chutney and green chutney.

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Pyaaz Ke Pakode

A quintessential snack during the monsoon season, these pakodas are made with thinly sliced onions dipped in a batter of slightly spiced chickpea flour, which are then deep fried.

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Fish Pakoda

Mostly popular in coastal regions, fish pakodas can be easily prepared with commonly available fish like basa. The fillets are cut into small cubes, dipped into spiced batter, and deep-fried.

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Pumpkin Flower Pakoda

Hailing from Bengal, this variant of a pakoda is made by deep-frying a batter-laden pumpkin flower. The delicacy is relished during lunch, as a side dish.

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Kachnar Pakoda

Made using the kachnar flower, this dish is popular across households in Bihar. The dish is equally crispy and tender. It is best enjoyed with spicy mint chutney.

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Bread Pakoda

Bread pakodas are famously enjoyed during any season in Delhi. But in monsoon, it tastes even better. You can either stuff two slices of bread with a spiced aloo filling or paneer, or simply fry it on its own after dipping it in the gram flour batter.

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Moong Dal Bhajiya

A popular snack in Maharashtra, moong dal bhajiyas are prepared using ground lentils mixed with spices and chopped vegetables, which are fried till golden and crispy.

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Medur Vada

Medur vadas are fried snacks that are extremely popular across Karnataka. They are prepared using rice flour, chopped onions, herbs and spices.

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Batata Vada

Potatoes are first boiled and mixed with spices along with tempered curry leaves and mustard seeds. After that, they're shaped into spheres, dipped in gram flour batter and then deep-fried till golden. They're best enjoyed with red, hot garlic chutney or stuffed in pillowy pav.

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