10 NYC Eats To Score Big During The T20 World Cup

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New Yorkers adore gnocchi, which is available in rustic and modern styles city-wide. Uptown Manhattan's farm-to-table restaurant, Clay, serves gnocchi with butternut squash, hazelnuts, sage, maitake mushrooms, and pickled Fresno chillies.

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Nasi Lemak

New York's food scene offers global cuisine. Singaporean hawker-style venues blend Chinese, Indian, and Malay flavours. Try nasi lemak: fragrant coconut rice with spicy lamb curry, fried anchovies, a hard-boiled egg, and fresh cucumber slices.

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Enjoying ramen on a cold or rainy day in New York is a beloved tradition. This Japanese dish features wheat noodles in a meat or fish broth flavoured with soy sauce, miso, or garlic oil and topped with pork belly, seaweed, bamboo shoots, and a soft-boiled egg.

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Fiery Cocktails

Flaming cocktails are a captivating way for bartenders to impress patrons. The Honeywell excels with its Disco Inferno, featuring rum, beer, orange oils, agave, and cinnamon-torched cocoa butter.

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Bagels are ring-shaped yeast bread boiled before baking for a shiny exterior and doughy centre. Local water is credited with the unique New York taste. Brought by Eastern European Jewish immigrants in the late 1800s, bagels are a New York staple.

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New York pizza features a thin crust topped with sweet marinara sauce, oregano, and mozzarella. Brought by Neapolitan immigrants in the late 1800s, Gennaro Lombardi opened the first pizzeria in 1897. Traditional slices cost USD 1-4, ideal for on-the-go.

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New York offers numerous excellent spots to enjoy oysters year-round. They are best paired with prosecco or white wine. Take advantage of raw bar happy hours for money-saving deals that provide even more reason to indulge.

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Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are as iconic to New York as yellow taxis. Traditionally made of ground pork, beef, or both, these sausages are flavoured with garlic, mustard, and nutmeg, then encased, cured, smoked, and cooked. Visit Original Nathan’s Famous in Brooklyn, opened in 1915 by Charles Feltman, or grab one from street carts with mustard and sauerkraut.

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Chicken And Waffles

This combination first appeared in Pennsylvania but gained fame at Harlem's Wells Supper Club in the mid-1900s with a Southern twist. This salty-sweet dish thrives in New York's top soul food restaurants.

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New York cheesecake is celebrated for its simplicity. It is made with cream cheese, cream, eggs, and sugar. Junior’s Cheesecake in Brooklyn, opened in 1950, serves the most iconic version, using the same recipe for three generations.

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