8 Best Treks In South India You Must Check Out This Year

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Meesapulimala Trek, Kerala

Standing at 2,640 metres, Meesapulimala is Western Ghat's second-highest peak and is considered to be one of the best climbs in South India. The 18 km trek traverses through the Rhodo Valley, the only place in South India where Rhododendrons bloom. 

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Kudremukh Trek, Karnataka

Meaning "horse face" in Kannada, Kudremukh in Western Ghats is distinct for its shape. It is the third highest peak in India, and the 20 km trail snaking it takes one through dense Shola forests, vast meadows and grasslands. The view is even more magical in monsoons. 

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Nagalapuram Trek, Andhra Pradesh

Nagalapuram is a beautiful hill station in Chittoor district, known as the "Queen of Waterfalls" for its numerous waterfalls. Camping in the jungle is not allowed, but you can easily trek 12 km to the peak and back in a day.

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Kodachiri Trek, Karnataka

Considered to be a moderate grade trek, this trail runs through the teeming Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. On this trek, you will pass by paddy fields, villages, a thousand-year-old temple and reach a place known to be the spot were Adi Shankara meditated. 

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Ombattu Gudda, Karnataka

This trek is a challenging 6-7 hour trek along the Chikmagalur and Hassan border. The trail passes through river streams and dense forests, home to a variety of wildlife, making it one of the most mysterious routes in Southern India.

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Dolphin’s Nose Trek, Tamil Nadu

The 8km trek to Dolphin's Nose in Kodaikanal offers stunning views from a height of 6600 ft. The mountain is shaped like a dolphin's nose, providing a unique and beautiful experience.

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Chembra Trek, Kerala

The trek to Chembra Peak, the highest summit in Wayanad at 2,100 m, requires permission from forest officials. The trail cuts through thick forest and leads to a heart-shaped lake, making it ideal for beginners, with the one-way journey taking 3-4 hours.

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Kopatty Trek, Karnataka

The Kopatty trek in Coorg is a moderate 3-hour trek to 4,300 ft, passing through coffee plantations and deep forests, offering a beautiful grassy view. It's the best trek in Coorg for creating amazing memories.

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