Where To Travel This Year, As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Waquar Habib

Aries: New Zealand

The adventure-seeking Aries individuals must take out some time and travel to New Zealand this year. Here, you should not miss the Milford Sound, Mount Cook, Tongariro National Park, and Queenstown for skiing, snowboarding, fishing, and other activities.

Landscape of New Zealand | Shutterstock

Taurus: Zurich

Taurus individuals, known for their appreciation of luxury and comfort, must take a trip to Zurich. The place houses many castles, forts, places, churches, museums and lots of fun activities to indulge in.

Zurich Lake | Shutterstock

Gemini: Japan

All the Gemini individuals who love socialisation and are vivacious in their experiences must look towards Japan in 2024. It offers a tasteful mix of the modern and traditional which keep you engaged thoroughly. You must make sure to see the Mount Fiji.

Japan | Shutterstock

Cancer: The Maldives

Maldives will be a great place to visit in 2024 for the Cancer individuals known for their passion and sensitivity. The islands present the best water sports with families, spas, scenic locations, and underwater restaurants.

The Maldives | Shutterstock

Leo: Dubai

Leos enjoy the spotlight and luxury. A visit to the glamorous city of Dubai, with its extravagant architecture and vibrant nightlife, could suit their taste. Don't miss to witness the Dubai Museum and enjoy the desert safari.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai | Shutterstock

Virgo: Sweden

Virgos appreciate organisation and nature. A trip to the Swiss Alps offers both pristine landscapes and well-planned excursions. You must also chase the Northern Lights in Switzerland and visit the Drottningholm Palace.

Malmo, Sweden | Shutterstock

Libra: France

Libras love beauty and harmony. Paris, known as the City of Love, with its art, culture, and romantic ambiance, may be a perfect fit. Don't forget to witness the majestic collection at the Louvre Museum.

Eiffel Tower, Paris | Shutterstock

Scorpio: Peru

Scorpios are drawn to mystery and intensity. Exploring the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru can fulfill their desire for depth and intrigue. The place is a true testament to the Inca's advanced engineering and architectural skills.

Machu Picchu | Shutterstock

Sagittarius: South Africa

Sagittarians have a passion for exploration. A safari in South Africa, with its diverse wildlife and landscapes, would appeal to their adventurous spirit. You must also make sure to visit Cape Town, Kruger National Park, and the Cape of Good Hope.

Wildlife of Africa | Shutterstock

Capricorn: Soctland

Capricons who appreciate the beauty, history, and blend of relaxation with intrigue will revel in the landscapes of Inverness or Edinburg. You must make sure to explore the many castles it houses, and go on wildlife trails.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland | Shutterstock

Aquarius: Germany

Aquarius travellers opine originality and prefer to pave their own path. As such, Germany would be a great fit with its culture, festivals, nature, and museums. You must make sure to visit the Black Forest, stroll around the charming medieaval towns and see the Berlin Wall.

Regensburg, Germany | Shutterstock

Pisces: India

The Pisces individuals are mystical, quiet, and spiritual. India would be a great destination for such temperament. You must make sure to witness the mystical Ajanta and Ellora Caves, the Barabar Caves, and the beauty of the Dal Lake.

Inside the Ellora Caves | Shutterstock

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