Offbeat Things To Do In San Francisco For Young Adults

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Walt Disney Family Museum

If your little one is a Disney fan, then visiting this spot is a must. The museum beautifully chronicles the life of Walt Disney through images, videos and memorabilia, including letters and first sketches of popular Disney characters. It also houses a 3D map of Disneyland.

Walt Disney Family Museum | Walt Disney Family Museum/Instagram

Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

Around since 1962, this factory has been producing custom fortune cookies by hand from scratch. They are available in various flavours, like strawberry and green tea. Here, your little one can watch skilled chefs make them live and even their your hand at it.

Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory | happy_kiwi_ /Instagram

Golden Gate Park

Spanning over 1,000 acres, the Golden Gate Park houses a Japanese Tea Garden (with koi ponds!), the SF Botanical Garden, and the Young Museum and California Academy of Sciences, which houses fun science and art exhibitions.

Golden Gate Park | Carl Kho on Unsplash

The Wave Organ

This cool spot is located on a jetty in San Francisco Bay. Built in 1986 by artist Peter Richards in collaboration with the Exploratorium, the Wave Organ is an acoustic sculpture that produces music when hit by the wave.

The Wave Organ | gwinndolyn/Instagram

Palace of Fine Arts

Central to San Francisco's history, the Palace of Fine Arts is a historical monument originally built in 1915 for an art exhibition as a part of the Panama–Pacific International Exposition. While the other structures built were demolished, this continues to represent the city's legacy.

Palace of Fine Arts | Photo by Fran on Unsplash

Church of 8 Wheels

Up for a truly off-beat activity? How about roller-skating in a church? The 19th-century Sacred Heart Catholic Church, boasting beautiful Romanesque Architecture, transforms into a roller-skating rink every weekend, complete with disco balls and LED lights.

Church of 8 Wheels | janebpicks/Instagram

Lands End

What better way to bond with your young one than to spend a day outdoors? The best way to do so is to hike along the Lands End trail, at the end of which you get rewarded with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.

Lands End | danphoto.jpeg

Visit Lombard Street

Another offbeat gem, Lombard Street is considered to be the "crookedest street in the world" and is a must-see. From a distance, the curved edges make for a picturesque view, and it surely gives your kid something to boast about to their friends!

Crookedest street in the world | Photo by Brandon Nelson on Unsplash

Go On A Film Tour Around The City

From the iconic Golden Gate Bridge to the Fisherman's Wharf, the city is littered with spots that have featured in hundreds of memorable Hollywood movies. If your kid is a movie buff, sign up for a guided tour and discover the city through the lens of a cinephile.

Golden Gate Bridge | Photo by Oliver Plattner on Unsplash

Alcatraz Island

Located offshore from the city, Alcatraz Island is the infamous prison island steeped in gory history. The prison that could house 450 convicts was where Robert Stroud, known as the "Birdman of Alcatraz," and Al Capone were incarcerated. Now it has been transformed into a popular tourist destination.

Alcatraz Island | Photo by Tobias Pfeifer on Unsplash

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