From Carpets To Felt: Your Guide to Unique Souvenirs In Kazakhstan

Nidhi Kadere

Kazakh Carpet

Owning a Kazakh carpet is like owning a piece of history, as it signifies the unique craftsmanship gone into making it. These can be found at the Zelyony Bazaar and Barakholka Market in Almaty.

A room full of Kazakh Carpets | Shutterstock

Kazakhstan Chocolate

Kazakhstan chocolates are a delight for your palette due to their unique taste and quality. Made from the finest cacao beans, these chocolates are easily available in any supermarket in the country.

Kazakhstan Chocolate | Shutterstock

Traditional Kazakh Clothing

Visitors can also buy traditional Kazakh clothing such as Taqiya, a circular hat, or shapan robe, among other items of clothing, to take back as souvenirs. These are easily available in the local markets of Almaty.

Traditional Kazakh Clothing | Shutterstock

Camel Wool Products

Products made from camel's wool are integral to Kazakh traditions and are valued for the extra warmth and comfort they provide in the country's harsh winters. Such products can be found at Almaty's Zelyony Bazaar.

Camel Wool Products | Shutterstock

Kazakh Cognac

Whether you're an alcohol enthusiast or just a curious drinker, Kazakh cognac is something that can be brought home for a fun time. It is distilled using homegrown grapes. One should look for brands like Arba Wine and Brandy Factory whilst buying. 

Kazakh cognac | Shutterstock

Kazakh Jewellery

It is a fantastic addition to your accessories collection as it can be paired with casual and dressy outfits due to the usage of intricate designs and gemstones in its making. Find them at specialised jewellery stores.

Kazakh Jewelry | Shutterstock


Kazakh riders have used the kamcha, a traditional whip, for generations. Made of braided horsehair and decorated with tassels, it represents Kazakh culture and horsemanship and is a useful equipment.

Kamcha | Shutterstock

Dried Fruits And Nuts

Kazakhstan offers a multitude of dried fruits and nuts, such as apricots, raisins, mulberries, walnuts, pistachios, and hazelnuts. Local food markets in Almaty are the best place to get a handful or maybe more of these eatables.

Kazakh Dried Fruits and Nuts | Shutterstock


Felt is a woollen material used in products such as slippers, vests, and jackets to protect from the frigid cold in Kazakhstan. They're also helpful when it comes to accessorising your wardrobe.

Felt, a woollen material | Shutterstock

Kazakh Wood Products

Kazakhstan's nomadic traditions have used wood to create utensils, weapons, furniture, and musical instruments, among other things since millennia. Some of these things can be brought from Almaty's local bazaars to add elegance to your home.

Traditional Kazakh utensils | Shutterstock

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