Europe's Most Peaceful Countries You Should Visit

Waquar Habib


Iceland, a top-ranked country in the Global Peace Index at 1.124, offers unique natural beauty with geysers, glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes, and geothermal hot springs, making it an enticing destination.

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The calm and serene landscapes of Denmark make it a sought-after destination in Europe. It has a Global Peace Index score of 1.31 and a peaceful culture to be around.

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Ireland's score of 1.312 in the peace index places it in a similar position to Denmark. Visitors can escape amidst the serene and verdant landscapes of the country. The pristine villages of Ireland offer a glimpse into a different historical era.

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At 1.316 on the peace index score, Austria is a must-visit destination offering a blend of alpine landscapes, historic cities, and rich cultural heritage, offering a conflation of natural beauty and artistic treasures.

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On the peace index with a score of 1.333, Portugal is an apt destination for its picturesque coastline, historic cities, and warm hospitality, providing a delightful blend of natural beauty and cultural richness.

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Slovenia stands tall with a score of 1.334. It invites travellers for its stunning landscapes, including the Julian Alps, pristine lakes, and charming villages, offering outdoor enthusiasts a paradise of adventures amid breathtaking scenery.

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Switzerland is among the most visited places in the world. It has a score of 1.339 on the peace index. Travellers must travel to the country to explore its well-preserved cities, peaceful culture, and natural landscapes.

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Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a score of 1.379 on the Global Peace Index. Visitors can delve into the rich aura of its medieval towns, stunning castles, and fascinating history, taking an enchanting journey through Europe's cultural heritage.

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Finland is also the happiest place on earth, with a score of 1.399 on the peace index. Travellers can chase enchanting Northern Lights, and explore vast wilderness and unique sauna culture, providing an immersive Arctic experience like no other.

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Croatia is at 1.45 on the peace index. The country is a must-visit for its stunning Adriatic coastline, historic cities, and picturesque islands, offering a Mediterranean paradise with a rich cultural heritage.

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