Europe's Most Luxurious Getaways For New Year's

Waquar Habib

St. Moritz, Switzerland

St. Moritz is a chic alpine resort town in Switzerland. It offers world-class skiing, high-end shopping, and rejuvenating spas. The town hosts glamorous New Year's Eve parties with fireworks over the frozen lake and gourmet dining.

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Paris, France

Paris is perfect for New Year's Eve with its romantic vibes, fashion, and delicious food. Take a Seine River cruise, visit the Eiffel Tower, and witness a spectacular light show and fireworks at the Champs-Élysées. Then party at chic Parisian venues.

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Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast in southern Italy is known for its colourful cliffside villages, Mediterranean charm, and authentic Italian cuisine. Explore towns like Positano, take boat tours, and celebrate New Year's Eve with live music, fireworks, and traditional Italian festivities.

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Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is known for its unique architecture, artistic culture, and lively atmosphere. Visit Gaudi's masterpieces, stroll La Rambla, and experience the vibrant nightlife. Join locals in Plaça d'Espanya for New Year's Eve celebrations and fireworks.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Explore Prague, a fairy-tale city with stunning architecture and rich history. Don't miss the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and Old Town Square. You can celebrate New Year's with concerts, fireworks, and traditional Czech customs.

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Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is known for its luxury offerings - casinos, shopping, and a beautiful coastline. Try the Casino de Monte-Carlo, relax on Larvotto Beach, and enjoy exclusive parties with the elite. Don't miss the dazzling fireworks at Monaco Harbour.

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Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland's capital, offers a unique New Year's experience with natural wonders and a festive atmosphere. Explore geysers, hot springs, and the Northern Lights. Enjoy massive bonfires, citywide fireworks, and a lively city centre on New Year's Eve.

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Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a Greek island with white-washed buildings, clear waters, and stunning sunsets. Explore Oia's streets, relax on black sand beaches, and enjoy Greek cuisine. For New Year's Eve, watch fireworks over the Caldera, join the local celebrations, and hear live music.

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Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria's capital, boasts imperial palaces, classical music, and coffeehouses. Visit Schönbrunn Palace, attend a concert, and try Viennese pastries. Celebrate New Year's Eve at Hofburg Palace or the historic city centre with music, dancing, and fireworks.

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Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh has a rich history and stunning architecture, including Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile. Experience the vibrant arts scene and unforgettable Hogmanay celebration with a torchlight procession, street parties, live music and fireworks over Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Castle from Heriot Place | Shutterstock

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