10 Must-See LGBTQ+ Landmarks Around The World

OT Staff

Stonewall Inn, USA

The Stonewall Inn is considered the birthplace of the modern LGBTQ+ rights movement. In 1969, patrons resisted a police raid, leading to the Stonewall Riots, which catalysed global LGBTQ+ activism. This landmark represents the ongoing struggle for equality.

The front facade of Stonewall Inn | Shutterstock

Castro District, USA

The Castro District is one of the first openly gay neighbourhoods in the United States, symbolising LGBTQ+ culture and activism, particularly in the 1970s with figures like Harvey Milk. It remains a vibrant community hub, celebrating diversity and fostering inclusivity.

A view of the Castro District | Shutterstock

The Pink Triangle Memorial, Germany

This memorial commemorates LGBTQ+ Holocaust victims who were forced to wear pink triangles. Established in 1995, it serves as a reminder of LGBTQ+ persecution and the importance of remembering history to prevent future atrocities.

A view of the Pink Triangle Memorial, Nuremberg | Wikimedia Commons

Christopher Street, USA

Christopher Street, home to the Stonewall Inn, is a historic centre for LGBTQ+ rights. The annual NYC Pride March begins here, commemorating the Stonewall Riots. This street symbolises the ongoing fight for equality and is a testament to the progress achieved through collective action.

Gay pride rainbow flags at the Gay Liberation Monument on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village Manhattan | Shutterstock

Harvey Milk's Camera Shop, USA

Harvey Milk's camera shop was his campaign headquarters and a community space in the Castro District. Milk, one of the first openly gay elected officials in the US, continues to inspire LGBTQ+ political activism and visibility.

A view of Harvey Milk's Camera Shop | Shutterstock

Oscar Wilde's House, England

Oscar Wilde's home at 34 Tite Street is significant due to his contributions to literature and the persecution of homosexuality. It is a historic landmark that highlights LGBTQ+ struggles in society.

The front door of Oscar Wilde's House | Shutterstock

National AIDS Memorial Grove, USA

The peaceful garden in Golden Gate Park was established in 1991 as a place of remembrance and healing for those affected by the AIDS epidemic, honouring lives lost and supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

A view of National AIDS Memorial Grove | Shutterstock

Lesbian Herstory Archives, USA

Established in 1974, the Lesbian Herstory Archives has the world's largest collection of materials by and about lesbians. It preserves and promotes lesbian history and culture, providing a vital resource for research, education, and the celebration of lesbian identities and experiences.

At the Lesbian Herstory Archives | lesbianherstoryarchives/instagram

The Laramie Project Bench, USA

This bench commemorates Matthew Shepard, a young gay man whose 1998 murder catalysed hate crime legislation. Located at the University of Wyoming, it symbolises the fight against homophobia and the quest for justice and equality.

The sign board of University of Wyoming | Shutterstock

Pink Triangle Park, USA

Pink Triangle Park in the Castro District honours LGBTQ+ individuals persecuted during the Holocaust, educating visitors about this dark chapter in history and emphasising the need for vigilance against discrimination and violence.

A view of Pink Triangle Park | Wikimedia Commons

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