10 Day Trips From London To Add To Your Itinerary

Nidhi Kadere


It is a prehistoric stone circle built 5000 years ago, older than the Pyramids of Giza. The largest stones weigh 25 tons and stand 9m tall. Due to the fear of erosion, you can't touch the stones but can stroll around them on paths.

Stonehenge | Shutterstock


A city in England, it is known for its beautiful cathedral, which is considered to be one of the finest in Europe. The town itself is very charming, with narrow alleys that follow the original medieval street plan and the River Stour flowing past Tudor facades.

The grand goth style Canterbury Cathedral | Shutterstock


Once a popular seaside destination for the Victorians, with its long curve of golden sand, Margate lost its charm in the late 20th century. The infusion of recent investments has brought back the retro charm, with Turner Contemporary, an art gallery, playing a crucial role in this revitalisation.

Mrs Booth, Shell Lady of Margate | Shutterstock


It is known for its creativity and grungy atmosphere and is also one of the most LGBTIQ+ friendly cities in the UK. Some call it London-on-Sea, but that's more because of the high property prices than the city's character.

Royal Pavilion of Brighton | Shutterstock


Bath, Britain's most beautiful city, was founded by the Romans who used thermal springs to create a spa retreat. With grand squares and crescents defining the city, it is celebrated for its magnificent Georgian architecture.

Roman bath in Bath, England | Shutterstock

New Forest

Designated as a national park in 2005, animals roam freely here in the woodlands, bogs, marshlands, and the coast. Popular activities include visiting historic sites and following walking trails.

Horses roaming freely in New Forest | Shutterstock


Winchester is technically considered a city due to its impressive cathedral, but it has the welcoming atmosphere of a small town. It was once the capital of England around 1000 years ago, and it was also home to King Alfred the Great.

Winchester Cathedral | Shutterstock


Oxford, famous for its world-renowned university and forest of red-tinted spires, is a place of grandeur and nobility. Despite the imposing historical significance, the city is kept youthful by its large student population.

Oxford Radcliffe Library | Shutterstock


Cambridge, with its prestigious university, ancient colleges, and tradition, is reminiscent of Oxford but with more green space and less traffic, with far more tranquillity.

River Cam near Kings College in the city of Cambridge | Shutterstock


Tourists come here to see Windsor Castle, where many royal weddings have taken place. Queen Elizabeth II, along with many other monarchs before her, lived here for a significant part of their life.

Windsor Castle | Shutterstock

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