10 Bridgerton Filming Locations You Can Actually Visit

OT Staff

Ranger’s House, London

The Ranger's House in London, adorned with wisteria, exudes Georgian elegance and whispers of aristocratic history. Visitors can explore rooms where art and history converge, imagining Regency soirées and discovering the Wernher Collection's medieval jewellery and Renaissance paintings.

The magnificent Georgian-style Ranger's House in Greenwich, London | Shutterstock

Hampton Court Palace, London

Queen Charlotte's regal exterior unfolds at Hampton Court Palace. Explore Fountain Court, Clock Court, and the King's Stairs, and linger in the palace gardens with their manicured hedges and centuries-old trees.

A view of the Hampton Court Palace | Shutterstock

Wrest Park, Bedfordshire

Renamed Aubrey Hall in the series, Wrest Park transports you to the Bridgerton family's country estate. Imagine Kate's mishaps and secret conversations amidst lush greenery, with the house's grandeur complementing the timeless backdrop of rustling leaves.

Wrest Park country house | Shutterstock

Holburne Museum, Bath

As you approach the museum, notice its elegant exterior and symmetrical façade, promising art within. The Holburne Museum's Georgian architecture and serene gardens invite you to step into the Regency era.

A view of the entrance to the Holburne Museum | Shutterstock

Royal Crescent, Bath

The Royal Crescent, a row of Georgian townhouses in Bridgerton, is an iconic must-see. Imagine ball gowns sweeping across its steps as you soak in the romantic ambience created by its symmetry and Bath stone.

The Royal Crescent row of terraced houses | Shutterstock

Ashton Court Estate, Bristol

Ashton Court offers woodlands and meandering paths where Daphne and Simon share their secrets against a backdrop of natural beauty. The estate’s tranquillity mirrors the characters’ hidden desires.

An aerial view of the Ashton Court Estate, Bristol | Shutterstock

Hatfield House, Hertfordshire

The Featherington family's Hatfield House home showcases lavish interiors and expansive gardens. Imagine Lady Featherington's scheming and Penelope's confidences exchanged in sun-dappled rooms.

The beautiful Hatfield House, Hertfordshire | Shutterstock

Castle Howard, Yorkshire

While not directly featured, Castle Howard inspired Bridgerton’s design. Its grandeur, reflected in the show’s ballrooms and salons, invites you to appreciate architectural finesse. Wander the gardens, where blooms mirror the characters’ emotions.

View of the exterior of Castle Howard of Brideshead | Shutterstock

Lancaster House, London

Although off-limits to the public, Lancaster House provided interior shots of Queen Charlotte’s palace. Admire its neoclassical splendour from the outside—the grand entrance, the imposing columns, and the sense of regal intrigue.

A look at the Lancaster House, London | Shutterstock

Great Pulteney Street, Bath

This street leads to the Holburne Museum, setting the stage for Bridgerton’s ballroom entrances. Envision masked revellers, candlelit chandeliers, and forbidden glances.

Fountain at Laura Place and Great Pulteney Street in Bath, Somerset | Shutterstock

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