10 Best Places To Spot Cherry Blossoms In Japan

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Chidorigafuchi, Tokyo

Located near the Imperial Palace, Chidorigafuchi offers a picturesque view of cherry blossoms lining the moat. Visitors can rent rowboats and paddle beneath the pink petals.

Chidorigafuchi, Tokyo | Shutterstock

Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo

One of Tokyo's largest parks, Shinjuku Gyoen has a diverse collection of cherry blossom trees. Visitors can stroll through landscaped gardens and find the perfect spot for a hanami (cherry blossom viewing) picnic.

Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo | Shutterstock

Philosopher's Path, Kyoto

This scenic walkway along a canal in Kyoto is named after the famous philosopher Nishida Kitaro, who used to walk here for meditation. Lined with hundreds of cherry trees, it offers a tranquil setting.

Philosopher's Path, Kyoto | Shutterstock

Maruyama Park, Kyoto

Known for its massive weeping cherry tree (shidarezakura), Maruyama Park transforms into a sea of pink during cherry blossom season.

Maruyama Park | Shutterstock

Himeji Castle, Hyogo

As one of Japan's most stunning feudal castles, Himeji Castle becomes even more enchanting when surrounded by cherry blossoms.

Himeji Castle, Hyogo | Shutterstock

Hirosaki Castle Park, Aomori

Home to over 2,500 cherry trees, Hirosaki Castle Park is considered one of Japan's top cherry blossom viewing spots. The park's expansive grounds, replete with moats and historic buildings, offer photography opportunities.

Hirosaki Park | Shutterstock

Gion Shirakawa, Kyoto

This charming canal in Kyoto's Gion district is lined with traditional machiya (wooden townhouses) and weeping cherry trees. Illuminated at night, the reflections of the cherry blossoms on the water create a scenic vibe.

Gion Shirakawa | Shutterstock

Arashiyama, Kyoto

Famous for its bamboo groves and scenic river, Arashiyama also offers cherry blossom displays along the Hozu River. Visitors can enjoy sakura in full bloom while taking a leisurely boat ride.

The pond near Daikaku-ji Temple | Shutterstock

Kenrokuen, Kanazawa

Considered one of Japan's three most beautiful landscape gardens, Kenrokuen dazzles visitors with its cherry blossom varieties. The combination of traditional architecture, winding paths, and seasonal blooms makes it a must-visit destination.

Kenrokuen Sakura | Shutterstock

Miyajima Island, Hiroshima

Known for its iconic "floating" torii gate, Miyajima Island is also celebrated for its cherry blossoms. Visitors can hike through the lush forest to reach Mount Misen for panoramic views of sakura-covered hillsides.

A glimpse of cherry blossom season at Miyajima Island | Shutterstock

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