10 Beautiful Windows From Around The World

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Windows Around The World

Windows have evolved globally over time, reflecting architectural trends. Glassmaking revolutionised window design in Roman times, leading to various styles such as Gothic, Renaissance, and modern architecture, influencing architectural styles worldwide. Here's a look into some windows of the world.

A window with potted plants from Central Europe | Shutterstock

Venice, Italy

Venetian windows are known for their elegant arches, intricate stone mullions, and decorative details. They are a blend of Byzantine, Gothic, and Renaissance elements and often overlook picturesque canals, embodying the charm of Venetian architecture.

A collage of windows from the city of Venice | @JamesLucasIT/x

Paris, France

Parisian windows are tall and elegant, with wrought-iron balconies and classic French design. They offer views of iconic streets and landmarks, influenced by Haussmann's urban planning.

A medly of windows from the French capital, Paris | @JamesLucasIT/x

Marakech, Morocco

Marrakech windows display traditional Moroccan architecture with geometric patterns and vibrant colours. Wooden lattice screens called "moucharabieh" filter light and offer privacy. Arched windows, adorned with intricate tilework and stucco, reflect Islamic influences, embodying the city's rich cultural heritage.

A collection of windows from Marakech, Morocco | @JamesLucasIT/x

London, England

London's diverse architecture exhibits a blend of styles throughout the centuries. Georgian townhouses have symmetrical sash windows, Victorian buildings have ornate bay windows and stained glass, while modern structures boast sleek, minimalist designs with large glass panels.

A collage of windows from English houses, London | @JamesLucasIT/x

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok's windows mix traditional Thai architecture with modern influences. Thai houses feature teakwood shutters, while contemporary buildings have glass facades. Many windows are decorated with carvings and vibrant colours, reflecting Thailand's cultural richness.

A montage of windows from Thai houses, Bangkok | @JamesLucasIT/x

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona's architecture is reflected in its windows, which range from elaborate stained glass in Modernista buildings to stone tracery in the Gothic Quarter. The Mediterranean-style windows feature wooden shutters and decorative tiles harmonising with the city's vibrant atmosphere.

A collection of windows from Barcelona, Spain | @JamesLucasIT/x

Santiago, Chile

Santiago's windows blend historic and modern styles. Colonial buildings feature wooden shutters and wrought-iron grilles. Neoclassical structures have grand windows with ornate trimmings. Contemporary architecture has large glass facades and minimalist designs, reflecting Santiago's evolving urban landscape.

A medley of windows in Santiago, Chile | @JamesLucasIT/x

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest's windows reflect a diverse architectural blend. Old buildings feature intricate woodwork and stained glass, while Communist-era ones are uniform. Modern buildings blend the old and new with sleek glass and traditional details.

Windows from Bucharest, Romania | @JamesLucasIT/x

Porto, Portugal

Porto's windows offer a mix of old and new styles. Traditional houses display colourful tiles and wooden shutters, baroque buildings have ornate carvings and balconies, while modern structures have minimalist designs with large glass panels.

Windows from Porto, Portugal | @JamesLucasIT/x

Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur's architecture showcases the Rajasthani style with vibrant colours and intricate latticework seen in windows. Traditional havelis have stone-carved "jharokhas." Palaces boast ornate windows with mirror work and frescoes. Modern constructions blend traditional motifs with contemporary materials, celebrating the city's cultural heritage.

A jharokha window from Udaipur, Rajasthan | Shutterstock

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