From Banke Bihari To Prem Mandir: Places To Visit In Vrindavan

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Vrindavan, a spiritual town in Uttar Pradesh, India, is famous for its connection to Lord Krishna. Some of the best places to visit in Vrindavan include its captivating temples and serene river ghats with a unique blend of devotion, art and culture.

The Radha Madan Mohan Temple in the holy city of Vrindavan | Shutterstock

Banke Bihari Temple

The Banke Bihari Temple is a popular temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is famous for its unique darshan experience, where the curtain in front of the deity is constantly opened and closed. Photography is not allowed inside the temple. The best time to visit is during the Aarti.

Banke Bihari Temple | Shutterstock

Prem Mandir

Prem Mandir is a stunning new temple complex with intricate carvings depicting scenes from Krishna's life. It's made of white marble and looks enchanting at night when brightly lit. There's a must-see musical fountain show in the evening.

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Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir, established by ISKCON, is a spiritual sanctuary with beautiful deities of Krishna and Balarama, along with Radha-Shyamasundara. The temple complex includes a guesthouse, a restaurant, and a bakery. The Aartis are particularly vibrant.

ISKON Temple | Shutterstock

Radha Raman Temple

Radha Raman Temple has an ancient self-manifested deity of Lord Krishna from a saligram. It's renowned for its beautiful deity, rich rituals, and a treat for the spiritual senses. Photography inside is restricted.

Radha Raman Temple | Shutterstock

Govind Dev Ji Temple

This 16th-century temple is a marvel of architecture, originally seven stories but now only three due to destruction by Aurangzeb. It's famous for its design and Govind Dev Ji deity, with remnants of its grand past still visible.

Govind Dev Ji Temple | Shutterstock

Kesi Ghat

Kesi Ghat is along the Yamuna River, where Krishna defeated demon Kesi. Holy dip and evening Aarti ceremony are significant here. Don't miss the picturesque sunset view during the beautiful evening Aarti at Kesi Ghat.

Kesi Ghat | Shutterstock

Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir

Vrindavan Chandrodaya is dedicated to Lord Krishna's glory and is expected to be the world's tallest temple on completion. Along with the temple, the project includes a cultural complex and a theme park that showcases the forested landscapes of Vrindavan and the pastimes of Lord Krishna.

Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir | Wikimedia Commons

Seva Kunj and Nidhuban

Seva Kunj and Nidhuban are two holy places associated with Lord Krishna and Radha. Krishna is believed to visit these places every night, so they are closed to the public in the evening.

Seva Kunj | Seva Kunj Vrindavan/facebook

Pagal Baba Temple

This modern temple showcases life-sized displays of stories from the Mahabharata and Ramayana on different floors, with white marble construction. Popular with children, the top floor offers a panoramic view of Vrindavan.

Pagal Baba Temple | Wikimedia Commons

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