Places To Visit In Mussoorie On Your First Visit To The Hill Town

Nidhi Kadere

Mussoorie Lake

This is an artificial lake that has been beautifully developed by the authorities as a lovely tourist spot. Visitors can enjoy boating in the lake and have some great food later at one of the numerous eateries there.

Mussoorie Lake | Shutterstock

Gun Hill

The cable car ride in Mussoorie is a popular 10-minute attraction that starts from Jhula Ghar and goes up to Gun Hill. It gives you a great view of the mountains and meadows of Doon Valley.

Gun Hill | Shutterstock

Landour Bazaar

Shop for ethnic jewellery, antiques, and more in the Landour market, the main shopping spot in Mussoorie. You can also find Raj memorabilia, jams, pickles, and books. Don't forget to check out the beautifully handcrafted walking sticks.

A view of the Landour Bazaar | Shutterstock

Mussoorie Mall Road

Mall Road is a remnant of the colonial era and is located in the heart of the town. It is decorated with benches, lampposts, and modern stores. You might even catch a glimpse of author Ruskin Bond browsing through the Cambridge Bookstore.

Sculpture of Martyr's Memorial at the Mall Road | Shutterstock

Kellogg Memorial Church

This Presbyterian-style church in Mussoorie is named after scholar Dr Samuel H Kellogg. It was once used by the British to learn Hindi, and now houses the Landour Language School, a popular destination.

Kellogg Memorial Church | Shutterstock

Mussoorie Christ Church 

The Christ Church in Mussoorie is a beautiful Gothic-style church and one of the oldest in the Himalayan region. The Princess of Wales planted a Deodar tree in its courtyard in 1906, which still stands today.

Mussoorie Christ Church | Shutterstock

Landour Bakehouse

Why not spend a tranquil evening in Mussoorie, savoring a cup of aromatic coffee, and admiring the spectacular mountain views? You can do this by visiting Landour Bakehouse, ordering your coffee, and relaxing with a good book.

Landour Bakehouse | Shutterstock

Mussoorie Heritage Centre

The objective of this centre is to preserve and showcase the heritage of Mussoorie and the surrounding areas. It contains a vast collection of artefacts such as vessels, clothes, musical instruments, and items that reflect the heritage of Mussoorie.

Mussoorie Heritage Centre | mussoorieheritagecentre/Instagram

Library Bazaar

Kitaab Ghar, also known as the Library Bazaar, was established in the year 1843 and has now become one of the most popular places in Mussoorie. It is situated on the Mall Road, providing easy access to nearby cafes and restaurants.

Mall Road where Kitab Ghar is situated | Shutterstock

Lambi Dehar Mines

Thousands of workers died at this mine in the 1990s. Due to a lack of maintenance, the workers' health deteriorated, resulting in their death from asphyxia. After nightfall, one may hear screeching voices from these mines, which is why locals avoid going near them.

Lambi Dehar Mines area | Shutterstock

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