10 Places In Kerala That You Must Explore

Nidhi Kadere


Ponmudi is a beautiful hill resort with a green environment and narrow pathways. It may not be as popular as other tourist destinations, but it is a great place for trekking enthusiasts. The area is known for its wild mountain flowers and numerous butterflies.

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Gavi is a beautiful village located in Kerala that is an outstanding tourist destination. It is a part of the famous Periyar Tiger Reserve, where you can spot wildlife such as elephants, bears, sambars, barking deer, tigers, Indian Gaurs, and Nilgiri Martens.

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Ashtamudi Backwaters in Kollam, Kerala, is a beautiful and unexplored tourist spot. It is the second largest and deepest wetland ecosystem with eight channels, comprising of lagoons, canals, rivers and inlets inhabiting the ecosystem. 

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Nelliampathy in Palakkad is a hill station with cloud-covered peaks ranging from 467 m to 1572 m. It has bio farming villages and vast plantation gardens with a delightful aroma. The hills are famous for orange cultivation, and it's an offbeat tourist destination in Kerala.

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Cherai Beach

It is an offbeat beach in Kerala where you can easily spot dolphins near the shore. This beautiful beach is known for its astonishing scenery, perfect for swimming, a picnic, a stroll, cycling, fishing or just going for a boat ride with the locals.

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Banasura Sagar Dam

The largest earthen dam in India and the second largest of its kind in Asia, it is made of massive stacks of stones and boulders. The place is not only a peaceful picnic spot, but forms a set of islands during monsoon season which in itself is a spectacular view. 

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Referred to as a mini-Munnar, this gorgeous place is away from the prying eyes of normal tourists, a respite from the commotion of daily life. With mid-day temperatures seldom topping 25 degrees, the area enjoys nice weather throughout the year.

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Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

This massive jungle has little repute as a wildlife safari destination, which helps in keeping the tourist population low. It is one of India's most notable Royal Bengal Tiger habitats. Going within these forests is a challenge that only competent individuals can do.

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Silent Valley National Park

One of the remaining untouched areas of India's tropical evergreen forest, it is being considered for UNESCO World Heritage status. It is part of the Western Ghats area and is home to the vulnerable Lion-tailed Macaque and the rarest of birds, the Ceylon Frogmouth.

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The town is right on the beach, which means long lengths of dazzling sand, a pleasant wind, and a tranquil setting that will definitely delight all of your senses. The word Poovar is a combination of the Malayalam words 'Poo' and 'var', which signify flower and river.

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